A New Home for the Quang Tri Victory Monument

Một Ngôi Nhà Mới Cho Tượng Đài Tái Chiếm Cổ Thành Quảng Trị

About Viet Museum at History Park in San Jose, California
Giới Thiệu Về Bảo Tàng Viện Việt Nam tại Công Viên Lịch Sử, San Jose, California
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  • The Unveiling Ceremony – Lễ Giới Thiệu Tượng Đài, Westminster

    About the Battle

    The Second Battle of Quang Tri was fought from June 28 until September 16, 1972. It was one of the first military engagements in which North Vietnam utilized conventional warfare tactics with large artillery, tanks and troops from several heavily armed divisions.

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    About the Monument

    The proposed monument is to honor the service members of the Army Republic of Vietnam ( ARVN) and their principal ally, the United States military, for providing crucial advice and air support

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    About the Committee

    The Quang Tri Victory Foundation compries of various groups including Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, and Supporting Organizations.

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    In The News

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    Materials Sent to Us

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    Honor the service members of the Army Republic of Vietnam and the United States military

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